Meet Alberta barley farmers. What you might not know is that they are environmental leaders and at the forefront of sustainability. Canada was ranked second in the world for agricultural sustainability!


You might not know that they are high-tech pioneers and that the systems they use today are guided by satellites, and that every seed is planted with precision.


You might not know that they are on par with a Wall Street trader in dealing with millions of dollars of commodities, equipment and land.


Also referred to as ‘malt’ or ‘two row’ – Alberta grown malting barley is the premium ingredient in the finest Alberta and North American craft beers, whiskeys, gins, and vodkas. Alberta malting barley has a long-standing reputation for superior quality and is sought after by brewers, small and large from around the world.


Exceptional barley makes exceptional craft beverages!


In Alberta we are proud to be producing close to one million tonnes of world renowned, high-quality malting barley for use in the production of some of the world’s finest craft beer, whiskey, gin, vodka and other beverages both in Alberta and around the world.


Over 300, 000 tonnes of our malting barley is exported to more than 20 countries around the world.


Barley produced on Alberta farms has a long-standing reputation for its superior quality.


Of all the barley grown in Alberta, only 20% meets the stringent quality parameters that are essential to choosing the finest barley, for malting purposes in order  to maintain our reputation around the world.


Alberta barley’s unique terroir is renowned by craft brewers and distillers, and craft beverage connoisseurs alike, around the globe.


Barley produced in Alberta fields, has a long-standing reputation for its superior quality. We believe the unique terroir of our barley comes from a specific set of factors:

- ONE -

Our growing season has long, warm days and cool evenings, which results in barley with protein constituents that produce excellent levels of starch-degrading enzymes, leading to good performance in the distilling process, and provides a clean flavour.

- TWO -

Our cooler climate leads to less plant disease pressure than other regions, allowing for naturally healthier plants.


We have ideal growing conditions with medium textured soils, such as clay-loam soils, which have excellent moisture holding capacities.

- FOUR -

Sustainable farming practices in Alberta are among the most advanced globally.

These factors combined with Alberta’s wide-open prairies, in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, our big sky and pristine water sources provide the perfect combination of conditions for growing the best barley in the world, used to create the finest craft beverages renowned around the globe



Craft brewers and distillers in the burgeoning Alberta craft market have fast recognized the advantage of having their most important ingredient growing in their own back yards. Not only is Alberta the preeminent barley growing region, Alberta barley is recognized globally for its superior quality and often considered the best barley in the world for brewing and distilling.


Combine to Craft is all about sharing the Alberta craft story. From the field to the glass we want to share with craft beverage enthusiasts near and far why they should look for the Alberta Barley logo as a ‘mark of excellence’ on their finely crafted beverages.

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